About Us

Our full story

Our vision

At Haulage Network Driving Academy (HNDA), we strive to give the best, real-world training. With extensive knowledge in trucking, we know what is required and are working to implement that into our students. With this approach, our students will not only be ready to crush their road test but surpass the expectations of their employer on the job. With this mindset, we at HNDA prepare these drivers to be safer, more confident, cautious, and ultimately professional drivers.

Our History

The idea and thought behind Haulage Network Driving Academy are much older than its establishment. It all began back in the early 2000s when Palwinder Gill, the founder of HNDA, opened his own truck operations company. After being in the field for several years, Palwinder noticed a pattern with new drivers. None of them were trained to work ready! Frustrated with the training being provided to these new truckers, Palwinder set himself up with a plan. A plan to help both truck drivers and ALL other road users remain safe on the road.  Palwinder quickly put together the HNDA Team, comprised of Amarinder Buaal, Hardev Dhillon, and more. The belief is that only experienced and professional drivers would be able to properly train the future of the trucking industry. Both Amarinder and Hardev have stellar records in the trucking industry and have the experience of being owners/operators in the field. Today Haulage Network Driving Academy has grown into a large team with dedicated instructors and support staff. We work with the future, teaching them all the tips and tricks they need to become professional commercial vehicle operators. 
The trucking industry has provided thousands of Canadians with a new start and a way to put food on their family’s table, including  Palwinder’s, Amarinder’s, and Hardev’s. We take pride in trucking but understand that it is a dangerous and daunting career. As such, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of training. 
Haulage Network Driving Academy—We Make Professional Drivers.

Our Philosophy

Haulage Network Driving Academy prides itself as being different from most driving schools. Our philosophy is simple; sincerity, integrity, and honesty. We WANT our students to succeed because YOUR success if OUR success. We understand that the process of obtaining your license is both time-consuming and a financial commitment; to assure students get the best possible training we have assembled a team of highly qualified drivers to train students both in-class and in-cab. Our in-yard and in-cab instructors have extensive experience in the field. Together, our three head instructors (Palwinder, Amarinder, and Hardev) tally a collective 40+ years of experience in the field. They are very knowledgeable about everything trucking and take pride in being able to pass their expertise along to their students. Accordingly, our in-class team is a force to be reckoned with as well! With our instructors having worked with DriveTest as D4 Truck Examiners, Examiner Trainers, Supervisors, and even Safety & Compliance directors with some of Ontario’s biggest trucking fleets, you can rest assured that your training will be taken care of by experienced professionals. The value is in the training, and when it comes to safety and compliance, proper training is everything.